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Uploading Graphics Part III - 2 Color Logos


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Two color logos require some more preparation prior to uploading..

Just like a single color logos, the graphic should be 600 dpi and bitmapped. Frequently the original
file that you want to use might be full color like this image of the flag.

In order to achieve the same result in the editor, we have to color separate the file. In other words,
we will create two files. Each containing a part of the logo. For the flag, we need to make a Red ink
graphic for the stripes and a Blue ink file for the Stars. As shown.


These modified files are both black and white, and you'll notice are the exact same dimension
(including the white space). This will be important later one when you align your logo.
Like before, click on the Insert Graphics button to call up the Media window 

You will see a graphics tab, since we are in spot color mode, there will be no backgrounds tab.
Click on the Add button and find the file from your computer. You'll have to repeat this process
once again, so that both the Stars and Stripes are in your Media window.

Once it has uploaded, it is saved in your account.
To use that image, select it and hit the OK button at the bottom.

Uploaded graphics can be scaled and moved and used with any paper or ink color(s)that we offer.
When the object is selected, you can assign the ink color that you wish to print it.

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