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Uploading Graphics Part II - Spot Color Logos


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Adding a graphic or logo from your own computer for raised ink printing, uses the same basic step
used in uploading a full color graphic. There are some differences though, which we will go through here.

Spot color graphics should be 600 dpi and bitmapped. That means it will just be a black and white
image like the logo shown here:

At 600 dpi, it is a very large image, and that's okay. You can scale down, to fit your project. It important to
note that web graphics are typically 72dpi, and may not be suitable for print.
Like before, click on the Insert Graphics button to call up the Media window 
You will see a graphics tab, since we are in spot color mode, there will be no backgrounds tab.
Click on the Add button and find the file from your computer.

Once it has uploaded, it is saved in your account.

To use that image, select it and hit the OK button at the bottom.

Uploaded graphics can be scaled and moved and used with any paper or ink color(s)that we offer.
When the object is selected, you can assign the ink color that you wish to print it.


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