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  Terms & Conditions



By use of this site, you signify the acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned below. It is your responsibility to safely protect your account and password from the exposure of third party, including any activities.

Terms of Service

1) Content: will not be held responsible for customer content. Use of logos, layouts or written phrases that are protected by copyright and trademark law must be done with the permission of the owner of the content. By submitting the order, it is assumed that permission has been received and you are authorized to have them re-produced. retains the right to refuse to print anything that is offensive or unlawful.

2) Cancellation: Cancellations must be done by phone immediately and confirmed and is subject to a $10 cancellation fee. Once an order has been placed into pre-production it cannot be cancelled. E-mail or voice messages do not confirm cancellation and may not be addressed prior to production staff moves forward.

3) Reprints:

a) Workmanship: if there is a quality error in the printing, cutting or other relevant manufacturing process, orders are reprinted and shipped at no cost, upon confirmation. A small sample set must be sent back for confirmation. If the item has been tampered, reprint requests will be refused.  Re-print requests and submitted samples must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of order.

b) Customer Error: customer error can include but is not limited to typos, poor quality graphics, incorrect paper selection, incorrect color selection, poor alignment, or overlapping objects. Once an order is submitted it will be processed, exactly as it is submitted. All reprints due to customer error will be rejected. The artwork must be corrected and re-submitted as a new order and will be subject to the full cost of fulfillment and shipment.

c) Additional Changes: if a workmanship issue arises, we will reprint following the identical order specifications. We cannot print with changes for the identical order number. If requested, will issue a one time use only coupon code for the cost of the original order, which must be used in full. Any additional shipping charges will apply.

4) Refund: There are no refunds for any submitted and approved orders.

5) Returns: does not accept returns for any reason. All shipping costs incurred are solely the customers responsibility.

6.) Delivery: Delivery time is subject to the preferred carrier and method used. Once an order has been fulfilled and is picked up by the carrier, we are longer in control, and are not responsible for loss, theft or damage occurring outside of our posession. Courtesy reprints are subject to consideration.

Failure to deliver, due to incorrect information, is the responsibility of the receiver. Any attempt to re-deliver will be the reciever's responsibility to handle with the carrier.

Notification will be given if you order is returned to us for any reason. Additional costs to ship, will be charged.

7.) Claims: All claims must be submitted within five (5) days of receipt or expected delivery. Claims of loss or damage by the shipping carrier, are subject to a thirty (30) day resolution period. To allow for delivery or resolution provided by the carrier.

Conditions of Use

1) All graphics, clip art, backgrounds, photos, fonts and layouts found within our site and editor are the property of Our system generates high resolution artwork on your behalf. Permission is given to use these assets, but does not infer transfer of ownership. Use of these assets are at the sole discretion of, and will be used with the intent to fulfill orders only, unless special permissions are given.

2) The website and editor are the property of, all attempts to copy the software, code, workflow, or processes are unlawful and subject to litigation.

3) You agree not to use any registered trademarks or logos without written permission from their respective owners. Any legal action taken against will be your responsibilty and you will be held accountable for any legal fees that may be incurred.

4) This site may includes links to other sites. These sites are governed by a third party. You can access or use these sites at your own risk. In no event will be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or loss you may suffer or allege to suffer in connection with your use of or reliance upon any content,
goods or services available on or through any third party website

5) Privacy is the single most important concern for us. We use trusted vendors to conduct your secure transactions, and also share information with vendors only necessary to fullfill your order. We will never sell your information.

6) Prices are subject to change, the price at time of order is the current price and what you will be charged.

7) may employ sub-contractors to print and dropship your order. They are not to be contact under any circumstance.