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Credit Card Processing

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Editor Guide

Click the section to learn more about the tools and features available
Spot Color Editor
Full Color Editor

Project Tools
New Project
New Project Start a new project, choose your product
Open Project Open Project Open a previously saved project
Undo Undo Undo last action
Redo Redo Redo last action
Save Save Save your work. Item will save over the current project
Save As Save as Save your file and select a new file name.
Margin Margin Adjust the margin, for the editable area
Grid Grid On/Off Toggle the grid on/off. Objects will snap to grid.
Magnify Magnification Adjust the magnifcation of the workspace.

Insert Tools
Arrow Tool Default setting, move objects on card, select multiple objects
Insert Text
Insert Text Tool Insert new text block
Insert Image
Insert Image Tool Insert user's image(s). Select graphics or backgrounds
from your computer to upload
Insert Line
Insert Line Insert straight horizontal lines
Insert Rectangle
Insert Rectangle Draw a rectangle or square
Insert Ellipse
Insert Ellipse Draw an ovals or circle.

Object Tools
Bring Forward
Bring Forward Will make the selected object to go one layer forward
Send Backward
Send Backward Will make the selected object to go one layer backward
Left Align
Left Align Align selected object(s) to the left margin
Center Align
Center Align Align selected object(s) to the center
Right Align
Right Align Align selected object(s) to the right margin
Top Align
Top Align Align selected object(s) to the top margin
Middle Align
Middle Align Align selected object(s) to the middle
Bottom Align
Bottom Align Align selected object(s) to the bottom
Rotate Freely rotate object by adjusting slider, or click on the icon to
rotate in 45 degree increments
Distribute Vertical
Distribute Vertical Evenly distributes three or more objects vertically
Distribute Horizontal
Distribute Horizontal Evenly distributes three or more objects vertically
Flip Vertical
Flip Vertical Reverses the image vertically
Flip Horizontal Flip Horizontal Reverses the image horizontally
Delete Delete. Will delete the selected object

Relative Toolbars, Text Tools, Line & Shape Tools
Relative tools change depending on the type of object is being modified.
Text Tools
Select Font
Font Selector Change the font. Choose the Category and Font from
the drop down menu
Font Size Font Size Change the point size of the font.
Font Color
Font Color Change the font color. Available colors are limited to those
pre-selected in the Design Tabs.
Symbols Select special characters not available from the standard
Bold Bold Modifies the text style, bold
Italic Italics Modifies the text style, italic
Underline Underline Modifies the text style, underline
Opacity Opacity Modify the opacity of the text. Available in full color mode only.
Left Justify Left Justify Left align inside the text block.
Center Justify Center Justify Center align inside the text block
Right Justify Right Justify Right aling inside the text block
Line & Shape Tools
Line Line Adjust the line color and thickness. Press the pencil to toggle
the line on or off
Fill Fill Adjust the fill color. Press the bucket to toggle the fill on or off
Thickness Thickness Adjust the line thickness using the slider
Opacity Opacity Adjust the transparency of the object. Only available in
full color mode

 Design Tabs
The Design Tabs offer product formatting options unique to our editor. Depending on the print type, the tabs will change to the specific requirements for printing


In both spot color and full color modes, layouts are saved in categories that can be selected from the top window. The bottom window displays thumbnails of the layouts in that category.

Layouts are pre-set with several editable fields. Once they are changed, you can change layouts or create a  new project and the information will carry over.

Spot Color Layouts - are formatted with changes in ink color(s), fonts, sizes, and paper stock.

Full Color Layots - are formatted with changes in ink color(s), fonts, sizes, and paper stock.

Spot Color Layouts

Full Color Layouts

 Graphics Choose from our library of clip art, logos and images to enhance your project.

Spot Color Graphics

Full Color Graphics

Spot color mode only. Select from our selection of paper stocks, by type and by color.
Papers Spot color mode only. Select from our selection of paper stocks, by type and by color.
Full color mode only. A listing of all of our backgrounds by category. Switch to any background with changing the other objects (text & graphics)

 Paper  Backgrounds
Change the available ink colors on the color palate. In full color mode, choose up to seven different colors. In spot color mode, select from up to two different colors from our ten standard color

Spot Ink Colors

Full Color

Flip Sides
Flip front/back
If 2 side printing is available, this will switch the editor to the opposite side.
Multiple Tabs
Open another new or existing project, and work on the simultaneously. Make sure save all files before going to next step "Proof & Add to Cart"
Magnify Close Tab Close the current tab
Magnify Quantity
Select the quantity. View the calculated price on the fly.
Magnify Proof & Add to Cart
Once a quantity has been selected go to the proof to verify your order and add to shopping cart.
Magnify Document
View and edit your project here.


Project Tools Insert Tools Object Tools Relative Tools Design Tabs workspace